Six easy ways to support people with disabilities and help your business in the process.

1. Prism Place
Prism Place not only creates some of the finest trophies and awards in the southwest, it also allows people with disabilities to contribute to society by earning their own way.

“Prism Place and its staff can be counted on to produce a quality product in a timely manner. Add service with a smile to that equation and you have a company that deserves your loyalty.” – Yvonne Anderson OKC Public Relations Society

Call Kelly Jepson at 800-687-7784,

2. Wyman Wholesale Frames
Wyman offers a wide range of high-quality, competitively priced picture framing products and services, including picture frame moulding, glass, matboard, foamboard, hardware and other supplies.

“The customer service is fantastic. They go above and beyond to make sure your order is correct. Great selection and if they don’t have it, just ask. They will do their best to find it for you. Prices are very reasonable, and you can’t beat the delivery.”  – Patti Thompson, Bulo Frame Shop

Call Mark Woods at 405-437-5659,

3. Subcontract & Fulfillment
Do you have a job that requires assembly, fulfillment, mailing, prep, labeling, packaging, folding, pre-staging? Consider bringing that workflow to DRTC. We have 100 willing and able workers that thrive in a repetitive environment.

“DRTC provides all the training, supervision, overhead cost and scheduling — It’s not your average agency.”  – John Smith, Blue Cross/Blue Shields

Call Mark Claunch at 405-946-1079 x1604,

4. Hire a Person With a Disability
Would you be interested in hiring a person with disabilities? We have job coaches on staff that will assist and train your employee, giving them the smoothest transition into your work place. Last year, 181 people with disabilities were placed in community jobs.

“Robert has been a life saver for us. He is willing to do anything and his work is always accurate. He dresses professionally and has a positive attitude. We are totally pleased with his job performance.” – Jane Ciorba at ABLE Group Homes

Call Linda Sechrist at 405-946-4489 x1702,

5. Online Store
Are you always looking for a great gift with “Made in Oklahoma” ties? Our online store provides a line of wonderful items. By choosing to buy our products you give people with disabilities work opportunities.

How to order:
1. Go to to our Online Store
2. Call us at 405-813-9998 for a Catalog or Orders
3. Visit us at 2501 N. Utah Ave, OKC, OK

6. Mobile Workforce, Enclaves
Do you need 5 or 6 highly capable people at your business 1-5 days a week to help with assembly or turn-key operations? We provide instant startup with our own supervisor, workers comp and liability insurance. The moral boost and energy these teams bring to the business where they work is dynamic!

“By assembling, on-site, the exact kits needed for each day’s shipping requirements, we experience a true just-in-time production flow with considerable inventory savings. And, the quality of the enclave’s work has been excellent and error free.”  – Gordon Anderson, Pelco Inc.

Call Debbie Ladd at 405-946-4489 x1514,


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