Big art is the trend

I recently spoke with a local artists group about framing solutions for exhibitions. During the visit, I also demonstrated some simple framing techniques. One of the topics I covered was size. Artists are creating oversize pieces and buyers are interested in buying them because houses and businesses keep getting larger with huge wall space and tall ceilings. There are some things to consider from a framing standpoint.

Mat boards

DRTC Custom Framing has a selection of 1,500+ mat boards
  • Mat board regular size is 32” x 40” with hundreds of colors and textures
  • Anything larger than 32” x 40” is referred to as oversize
  • Mats are available in limited colors in 40” x 60”

I have recently encountered art much larger that the customer wanted a mat or the look of a mat. A linen liner or stacked frames can give the impression of a mat that gives a resting place for the eye between the frame and the art. 40” x 60” is the maximum for standard glass. I usually recommend plexiglass for larger pieces. It is a little lighter and the best advantage is less chance of breakage.


Framed piece of art showing several bare trees at sunset.Another thing to consider about framing oversize pieces is the weight.

  • Frame must be stable enough to hold the weight of the art, glazing and backing
  • Framing material should be appropriate for the size; polystyrene or a light pine might not have the structure needed for the larger pieces
  • Size can be very limiting for each aspect of the framing package

Many times the art is brought to us rolled and can be quite a surprise at how large it can be once it is framed. If you do not have a large vehicle you may need to arrange for another delivery option. Hanging a large piece takes some special care. It is usually a two-person job involving measuring and special hanging hardware designed to hold a weighty frame.

Carla Folks works at Dale Rogers Training Center Custom Framing. Carla has been a Certified Picture Framer since 1989 and has framed for DRTC since 2013 where she trains/supervises people with disabilities on various projects.

DRTC is the oldest and largest community vocational training and employment center for people with disabilities in Oklahoma. With multiple locations in Oklahoma, DRTC trains or employs more than 1,100 people with disabilities per year. Visit us online:


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