Workforce education

Students participating in Dale Rogers Training Center’s School-to-Work Transition Program are getting a well-rounded education outside of the classroom, while at the same time preparing for the future.

The Moore Transition group recently spent time at DRTC’s Papa Murphy’s learning the tricks of the trade.

Shelden prepares to sheet dough at Papa Murphy's.
Shelden prepares dough at DRTC’s Papa Murphy’s

“I did the dough, sheeting it and spreading it out,” said Shelden, “(and) meat, sausage, chicken, salami, cut onions and tomatoes.”

“I like washing dishes,” said Derrick.

Shelden and Derrick’s experiences were shared among Transition students with Southmoore High School.

Read more about DRTC’s Transition students success at Papa Murphy’s in the March 2016 Quarterly Newsletter!

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