Servicing the workforce

Gifts aren’t just limited to what you can put under a tree this holiday season. DRTC’s Employment Services Program is helping provide the gift of employment, and with it, independence, to many people throughout Oklahoma this season.

employment, jobs, Dale Rogers Training Center, Employment Services Program
ETS Thomasena (pictured, right) assists an Employment Services Program participant with the job search.

Employment Training Specialists (ETS) work year-round to help individuals with disabilities find and keep jobs in the community. In the last program year, the Employment Services Program helped 141 people find a new career. Of those, 107 kept their job for four or more months! Overall, those involved in the program earned more than $1.3 million in 2014-2015!

“My job gives me the opportunity to learn new things, meet new people and help the less fortunate. It gives my life purpose,” said one Employment Training program participant in an annual survey.

employment, jobs, Dale Rogers Training Center, Employment Services Program
ETS Cathy (pictured, left) provides guidance to an Employment Services program participant.

An ETS works with the individual to match his/her capabilities and skills with job openings in the area. When a job has been accepted, the Employment Training Specialist works with the person hired to help learn the job. DRTC provides the ETS services at no cost to the employer. As the participant becomes skilled at the job, the ETS fades from the site, leaving a well-trained, reliable employee.

Employers note the success of the program. Many have said they like the support offered not only to the employee, but also to the employer.

“(DRTC’s) friendly staff were prompt about returning messages and eager to help out when needed,” said one business.

The success of the program also leads to a steady pool of workers when turnover may be an issue. 95% of employers surveyed said they would use DRTC’s services again. You can, too! Click here to learn more about DRTC’s Employment Services Program.

Dale Rogers Training Center (DRTC) is the oldest and largest community vocational training and employment center for people with disabilities in Oklahoma. With multiple locations in Oklahoma, DRTC trains or employs more than 1,100 people with disabilities per year. Visit us online:



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