425 Degrees

Thanksgiving is coming! It is recognized in the U.S. and Canada primarily but countries like Liberia, Germany, Japan, and Grenada have their own version of Thanksgiving celebration during this time of year. In America, the average household will spend $300 on the entire weekend and about $55.00 on Thanksgiving dinner. All those traditional turkey’s will soon be cooking at 425 degrees before the feast can begin. Something else that tastes great when cooked at 425 degrees is fresh, made-to-order pizza from Papa Murphy’s. Papa Murphy’s prides itself on serving only fresh ingredients and your pizza isn’t made until you order it. And Papa Murphy’s pizza was recently voted #1 for taste and freshness by Consumer Reports. Dale Rogers Training Center’s own Papa Murphy’s Pizza on NW23rd between Penn and Villa is where your family can take a break from turkey and try our fresh Take ‘N Bake pizzas or salads.  When you buy pizza from DRTC Papa Murphy’s you’ll get the same great quality Papa Murphy’s is known for, but you are also giving a hand-up to people with disabilities who are working hard to be contributing members of the community. So if you are thinking about what to eat “before” the holiday or have had too much turkey “after” then give DRTC’s Papa Murphy’s Take ‘N Bake Pizza a try! Now, Gluten Free crust is available!Cowboy_Hero_pull_Cheese_72

Pizza For A Cause!

Ready to Raise Some Dough! DRTC Papa Murphy’s has a variety of fundraising opportunities for your school, organization or association.

Call 405-601-6869 to schedule your fundraising programs.


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