DRTC Makes The Grade!

060414carf01472We all knew Dale Rogers Training Center (DRTC) is an exceptional quality community agency that cares about and supports people with disabilities. We all knew the staff and leadership is great with unusually high longevity in their jobs. We all knew how many awards and recognitions DRTC and its staff are singled out for. What we did not know is how DRTC would measure up when the national accreditation team for Community on Accreditation of Rehab Facilities (CARF) compared them to more than 22,000 other CARF certified agencies nationwide and overseas.
But measure up they did, and then some! Out of approximately 800 standards, DRTC received a handful of recommendations it needs to address. Not only were the surveyors, who came from Illinois and Iowa, effusive in the praise,  it appears a three year certification is inevitable on everything from programs, financial tracking, safety, leadership to strategic planning. Three years is the highest level of certification an agency can receive.

What is DRTC most proud of? Executive Director Connie Thrash McGoodwin responds, “The surveyor of the programs component said he has never heard so many positive comments about an agency from its stakeholders.” (Stakeholders include families, funders, business partners, people served, staff and other community entities in the service delivery industry.) “Everyone spoke highly of DRTC’s commitment to its mission and the people they serve and its role in the community.”

Other highlights include praise regarding the wide variety of training and contract work provided by DRTC along with its large job placement program the close relationship between the DRTC and some of its business partners (i.e. Pelco)and its in-house businesses (i.e. Wyman Frame, Prism Place and Papa Murphy’s) created to generate training, jobs and revenue, in addition to the federal contracts.

Last but not least, the board of directors and staff impressed the surveyors with their leadership, preparedness, organization and willingness to take on a rigorous national accreditation. Director of Community Programs, Theresa Flannery, says, “A national accreditation like CARF shows not only our level of quality, but our willingness to go the extra mile for the people we serve.”

At this time, DRTC is the only CARF employment accredited agency in Oklahoma to continue accreditation.


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