I’m graduating…now what?

MH900408912For those of you who are graduating this year, it is likely that you’re planning on getting a job. If you have a disability and are interested in employment, Oklahoma’s Department of Rehabilitation Services (DRS) can provide support to help you find and obtain a job. One type of support they offer is the Milestone Program, this program provides job coaching services where they can assist with finding jobs, filling out applications, preparing for interviews and provide on-the-job training. Dale Rogers Training Center (DRTC) offers this service through the Employment Services Department, but you must be authorized by your DRS counselor first.

If additional vocational training would benefit you, the DRTC in-house workforce program might be an option. This is funded through the Developmental Disabilities Services Division of DHS (DDSD), and a DRTC application is required.

For questions or information about either of these programs, or for a workshop application, please contact Ty Beasley, Transition Coordinator, at 946-4489 ext 504.

Helpful DRS link: http://www.okrehab.org/seekers/seekers-supported-emp.htm