We did all that in 5 years, no way!

Connie Thrash McGoodwinYes WAY, and it’s a credit to our established administrative team. But there is no rest for the wicked and we are down to 10 months and counting until our 60th Anniversary celebration on October 13, 2013. WE’D LOVE TO HAVE YOU OR YOUR COMPANY AS A SPONSOR, just fill out and return the enclosed card between now and June.

In five years we doubled the wages earned by our folks with disabilities to
5.9 million dollars and created hundreds of new jobs in the community. We’ve added new classes and support staff, and our main location on Utah increased by almost 20 staff members. Employment Services moved to the building on the corner, which provides staff with a much better space to do their jobs and offers easier access to those we serve, many of whom may have mobility issues.

We have added our first FAA contract at the Mike Monroney Aeronautical Center and two contracts at the Armed Forces Reserve Centers located in Norman and Mustang, that’s about 53 new jobs for people with disabilities.

Our Employment Services department was certified by the Commission on the Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities for their maximum award of three years. They will return in 2014 and certify the entire agency. Four members of the Board of Directors and myself went through four months of Standards of Excellence training through the Oklahoma Center for Non-Profits.

A few years ago we received the framing set aside for the state and bought the small wholesale framing company we were working with in Moore. Wyman Frame and Supply is now being moved on campus to the new Workforce Skills Training building. In October of 2013 we will add a retail component to the current wholesale model.
With the help of Cedar Hill Spices in Edmond and Anglin Public Relations, we created a line called Prairie Spices and started an online store. Over a dozen different items made or packaged by workers at Dale Rogers Training Center are available for purchase online or at the agency (http://drtc.org/commerce or call 405-813-9998), including GREAT GIFTS FOR ANY OCCASION! New holiday cards and note cards are designed every year by folks in our workshop. Each gift has a note from an individual who packaged it.

Why do we work so hard? To try to diversify our income and stay ahead of any negative impacts on the economy. That fiscal pie only has so many pieces, so let’s say “we’re doing our own baking”. Our ultimate strategic goal is complete self-sufficiency.

Part of the secret of our success is the unique partnership between the Board of Directors and Dale Rogers’ professional staff. The Board of Directors meets monthly and does its due diligence on anything new, approves policy, oversights all strategic planning and handles all finances and investments. In addition, a Human Rights Committee, also from the community, reviews and protects the safety and rights of all individuals served in the Developmental Disabilities Services Division and Department of Rehabilitation Services programs.

“We have some of the most experienced and professional staff in Oklahoma. The professional integrity of the staff, the outcomes and our continued success is how we know this partnership works,” says Board President Becky Cook.

I get a lot of credit for our success and while I admit to being a catalyst for quality and innovation, it is my administrative team that makes it happen. You’ll hear more about my “Fab 5” these next few months (think Jerry, Deborah, Theresa, Lillian and Mark) not to mention the other 18 members of administration at all of our seven office locations.


We couldn’t be successful without you!

Looking forward to 2013 and seeing you at our 60th Anniversary Celebration,

Connie Thrash McGoodwin, M. Ed.
Executive Director


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