Katy Miller’s Passion for Special Olympics

As you enter the Administration Building at Dale Rogers Training Center, one of the first people you will see is the Executive Secretary, Katy Miller. She may be right at home, but riding horseback through the scenic Kiamichi Mountains with her son, Collin, is her real comfort zone.  Since she was a little girl, Katy has always had a passion for horses. “I can’t count how many times I wore out my pant legs on my pajamas pretending I was a horse,” Katy said.

 Katy’s passion led her to give horse riding lessons in Edmond. As the school got more riders, they continued to grow and they recognized that they were gaining interest from people with disabilities.  Katy has always had a special place in her heart for people with disabilities, because her sister has a disability. So as the interest increased, Katy felt as if it was her calling to help them ride horses. She put together an individual program that met their needs.  Seeing all the work and effort she devoted to people with disabilities and horseback riding, other instructors encouraged Katy to get her riders involved with Special Olympics. Following the advice of those around her, Katy got involved.

Since taking the advice, Katy has been involved for more than eight years and a Special Olympics Certified Trainer for three years. As a coach of the OKC Dream Team, Katy currently has two active riders and four other who aspire to be riders. Katy finds it extremely rewarding to see athletes accomplish their goal.  “The athletes get anxious before the events and then they have a huge sense of pride and accomplishment when they finish,” Katy said. “Riding motivates these kids and it teaches many of them great life lessons.” Coaching Special Olympics has also had an impact on Katy’s life as well.   “Each rider I get is a blessing,” Katy said. “Public speaking is not something I enjoy, but if it has to do with my kids and horses, I can talk for hours in front of people.”

This year, Dale Rogers Training Center helped sponsor the OKC Dream Team on their trip to the Special Olympic Games in Stillwater. “Dale Rogers was very gracious in helping to sponsor the team,” Katy said.  “It takes a long time to transport the horses, get them comfortable in new surroundings and get them ready for competition.” 

“Katy can share her interest in people with disabilities both by working at Dale Rogers Training Center and by sharing her passion with people with disabilities,” says her “boss” Connie McGoodwin, Executive Director.  “Dale Rogers is proud of what Katy does at work and in the community.”


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