Spicing It Up! New Online Store and Spice Line

When executive director Connie McGoodwin and Felicia Schaefer, owner of Cedar Hill Seasonings, began developing a line of blended seasonings, their goal was to create a quality product that would help individuals with disabilities gain work skills and earn a paycheck.

The Prairie Spices, which launched on June 28, is a gift set of four spice blends that are custom blended by Cedar Hill Seasonings, branded with Oklahoma packaging and assembled and shipped by individuals with disabilities at the Dale Rogers Training Center.

“Our team amusingly referred to ourselves as the Prairie Spice Girls,” said McGoodwin. “It was a great collaboration with Cedar Hill and an important venture for Dale Rogers. The economy has everyone, including nonprofits, in a squeeze. Dale Rogers prefers to provide services and produce products instead of doing an annual donation campaign. The spice sets are a well-priced, quality product that our clients are excited to package—they’ve even added a personal message in each box. My favorite message is from Clayton, who said, ‘Payday is my favorite day!’”

The names of the spices accentuate the rugged romance of the countryside: Prairie Blend seasoned salt, Garlic Gusher, Oklahoma Heat peppermill blend and Okie Onion. A recipe card and the story of Dale and Roy Rogers’ daughter, Robin, are also included.

To order, simply visit the Online Store!


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