Dale Rogers Framed!!! Taking on a New Wholesale Business.

Dale Rogers is always looking for great opportunities to offer its clients more ways to earn a paycheck and learn new skills. And when Jim and Becky Wyman knew they were ready to retire from the framing business they had built from the ground up since 1996, they were looking for a way to ensure that it would continue on in good hands… So they looked to Dale Rogers, with whom they had a relationship and shared an entrepreneurial spirit, and saw an opportunity to do something great for both the business they had created and for Oklahomans with disabilities. “We felt it imperative that we choose a new owner that would have a high degree of interest in continuing the care and understanding that we have promoted over the past fourteen years,” said Jim Wyman. “We wanted a real commitment to Wyman Frame with a desire to grow the company and have the resources to do so.”
“We already had some experience with framing,” said Jerry Weddington, administrator. “And Wyman Frame and Supply was already well-established and respected in their industry. The opportunity was too good to pass up. Our individuals already think this is a great new way to earn a paycheck.”

Currently located in Moore, DRTC’s Wyman Frame and Supply continues to focus on wholesale orders. “We may eventually relocate it at our Utah location and look into branching out into retail,” said Weddington, “But right now we’re concentrating on learning the trade and serving the existing customer base.”

Dale Rogers is blazing another new trail for people with disabilities by bringing them yet another work and training opportunity!


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