Amazing Dedication

It’s easy to overlook the hard work that food service requires on a day to day basis, but no one could overlook the dedication of Tinker’s and Altus’s food service employees over the holidays. With a blizzard descending on Oklahoma on Christmas Eve and barracks full of US service men and women who would need to be fed, employees started making plans to sleep in the building overnight.

“They slept overnight and some of them volunteered to work double shifts,” said Deborah Copeland, HR Manager. “They really came through for the people who needed them.” As a result, Tinker Food Services prepared a traditional Christmas feast for over 500 customers.

Altus Solar Dining Facility not only served the military men and women on base, but also families from the Altus community who had no way to prepare themselves meals. “Employees continued to come to work even after days of no power in their own homes and provided excellent service to our customers,” said Copeland.


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