DRTC’s Weather Men

Man at map with weather radio.
Mark, Operations Manager, tracks the location of DRTC vans during a tornado warning, keeping drivers updated on what areas to avoid.

Especially when working with people who have special needs, it’s important to have a plan for weather emergencies.  Dale Rogers Training Center is prepared to keep clients, staff, and visitors safe during severe weather. “Our folks’ safety is our highest priority at this agency,” said Connie Thrash McGoodwin, M.Ed, Executive Director. “We have policies, systems, back-up plans, and drills for just about any contingency you can think of, from fires to ice storms.” But the emergency system Connie is most proud of is the tornado procedure.

Parents of DRTC workers can rest assured that the Grounds and Building Department is well prepared and on the job. From the moment bad weather is predicted, DRTC’s weather contingency system goes into play. There is a central control area with a map, battery powered TV, and access to radar on the computer. The Operations Supervisor and Assistent Director work in tandem to prepare the staff, clients, and visitors. With a well organized plan involving phases designated safe zones, DRTC’s weather men insure everyone on site, at satellites, and on buses as are safe as possible.

Man watching weather satellite on computer.
Jerry, Assistant Director, watches weather satellite on the computer and updates staff by walkie-talkie.

To learn more about tornado safety and what you can do to prepare your own household for sever weather, visit the FEMA tornado pages.


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