Freedom of Transportation

Metro Transit
For millions of Americans, public transportation provides an option to get to work, attend school, visit friends, or go to a doctor’s office. Staff at DRTC knows that using the Metro Transit buses is an important life skill that supports individuals’ success.

Marcia, DRTC Master Scheduler, has been helping groups of individuals learn how to use the Metro Transit by riding the bus to various locations and plotting routes that include transfers and individuals’ homes.

“They feel more independent when they don’t have to depend on others to get places,” said Marcia.

One of the individuals who has been learning how to use the transit, is excited about the freedom the bus could offer him. “I would be able to go on the bus with friends!”

Public transportation training is turning out to be popular and enjoyable. “All of the riders are excited about the increased independence this training provides,” said Jennifer, DRTC’s Vocational Services Coordinator.


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