Supported Employment Plays a Big Role in 4.3 Million Earned

Much of the 4.2 million dollars earned by workers from Dale Rogers Training Center in 2008 was due to the assistance of Supported Employment Services and its new components.
Job Placement is intended for individuals who require assistance in finding appropriate employment, but who do not require on-the-job coaching. For individuals who need further guidance beyond job placement, Employment and Support Services offers continued support in assessing the individual’s current needs and community integration, which may include training on the use of public transportation, money management skills, daily living skills, and locating housing.

An exciting new program is a Job Club, or Vocational Preparation. This program is intended for individuals who need assistance in work adjustment skills, self esteem building, obtaining and maintain employment, and career choice. Some of the activities include career exploration, application and resume writing, mock interviews, and tours of potential employment sites. Another valuable highlight is the opportunity to hear from other individuals who are currently working successfully.

Thirteen individuals have graduated from the Vocational Preparation program and 8 have become employed as a result of the skills learned. Some employers that have taken advantage of these workers are:

The Supported Employment Services Department has also installed a video phone system for people with hearing impairments. This phone provides 24 hour, free Video Relay Service. Video phone calls are placed over the internet connection through the easy-to-use Sorenson videophone computer, equipped with a Web camera and Sorenson EnVision SL software.

  • Oklahoma Medical Research Foundation
  • Super Suppers in Edmond
  • Encore Distribution
  • Western Industries
  • Homeland Grocery Stores
  • Wal-Mart Super Center in Moore
  • Arby’s Restaurants in OKC
  • Renaissance Hotel
  • St. Luke’s United Methodist Church

(The Supported Employment Services Department is always seeking employers who have job openings. If you are an employer looking for dedicated workers, contact Cathy Hirsh, Job Developer, at 946-4489 ext. 417 and, or Linda Sechrist, ES Manager, at 946-4489 ext. 403 and If you know people with a desire to make a difference, the department is currently hiring motivated, team oriented staff. Apply online at or stop by 2501 N. Utah in Oklahoma City to pick up a job application.)


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